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Brotherhood of Steel - Delta Squad
« on: February 13, 2019, 12:21 »
Since so many people asked me if BOS is currently recruiting, I'd like to set up player driven events involving me leading a small group throughout the wastleand, lets say, all Fridays evenings / nights and do some adventures. We would discuss it all together and we could cooperate with other roleplay projects on the server.

Need to state that I do not have any interest on goods (say power armors, tier 3 crap, caps, or even less real money)
Want to make this cristal clear. We will do it for the fun and resurrect player driven events. There is no interest of control or power whatsoever. Just for the sake of fun and enjoy some fonline.

This friday we will attack an Enclave outpost in order to free some tribal hostages and drive them back to their community.

In here people can be involved in three ways, either bos or enclave or tribals (heard there is some good RP tribal faction)
It will be fun and anyone can "win".
I will post each announcement here in the forums, and I will post screens.

Anyone interested just feel free to PM me or just write down here ;)