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Some questions about citizenship
« on: May 07, 2019, 17:15 »
Hi NCR officers, I'd like to ask about some citizenship conditions as independent wastelander. First, do I have to pay 30k for EACH character to be a citizen? And second, if I am in action with friends from other faction is it considered a crime? Since the server is a bit empty nowadays I usually team up with different people from any factions. I can commit to not attack you during this action, but I won´t backstab anyone with whom I´ve started a quest.

Also... Do I have any priority to get a house or a shop in Shady Sands? Which one is the usual channel to contact you?

Thanks in advanced and salutations!


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Re: Some questions about citizenship
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2019, 22:07 »
By paying "fees" of 30k player can have citizenship status on his characters as long as they are not members of factions that is hostile towards NCR.
Applications of players that are known for townbursting or breaking of NCR laws in Shady Sands will be declined.
If char with citizen status is playing with enemy factions, he will be shot by NCR members as all will be counted as one team. When playing with non faction players, but known enemies of NCR will be also shot for same reason.
Citizen character playing with faction hostile towards NCR will have his citizenship revoked.

Simpler to say, in your case, you can get citizenship status on char(s) that you wont use when playing with players who are known as hostile towards NCR.

This is the actual in game benefits that you will get as citizen:
   - access to NCR events
   - caravan escorts
   - protection and/or non-interference in select hostile environments (Warehouse, Mariposa, SF Tanker, Necropolis, and Vault 15)*
   - physical fitness courses (build advice)
   - exclusive community communication network access (this is actually not in game benefit, but it is discord made for citizens)
   - free condom

You can read more on this topic.

Need to emphasize that, as citizen, player will get access to discord made for players with citizenship status on his character(s). There you can get in contact with other NCR members, citizens, ask for support, find out more about citizenship privileges or NCR project in general.
Player citizen can ask to add/remove citizenship on his characters as he likes, as long as he is following mentioned rules.

To meet in game, or to talk more detailed on topic, it will be the best that you contact me via discord:
Knight Shift#8258

Btw, about housing, houses are instanced, and there is no rule about getting them except having caps to buy them and pay monthly fee. That is the game mechanic. Same goes for shopkeepers.
Citizenship benefits are player driven. Up to player to decide if it is worth or not.
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