Author Topic: [Feature] NCR Caravan event abuse  (Read 644 times)


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[Feature] NCR Caravan event abuse
« on: May 27, 2019, 18:58 »
NCR - VC caravan event got abused by NCR faction which can change team or person into public enemy. And of course shot on sight. Which happened to many Vault city citizens during:

According to latest NCR update Vault City is now enemy of NCR.

But there are questions:

  • Why there is "single" faction with privileges to do that stuff? There was no roleplay for month even ages
  • Why we as faction are not informed and this missleading event is still happening for VC citizens or new guys?
  • How its possible that guards shoot marked enemy if karma/reputation is not negative?
  • Why if you are enemy of this faction are not informed in similar way as it is for example over Necropolis?


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Re: [Feature] NCR Caravan event abuse
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2019, 03:12 »
if you start to kill guards in shady sands you will be blackisted, some goes for hub if you townburst guards there. Just in case of Shady Sands you have opportunity to remove yourself from blacklist by talking to ncr representatives, or president in case you dont know who official representative is in this matter, while for hub you need to reroll your character as there is no pardon.

If you have troubles in comprehending ncr project check season changelog and ncr topics. Also check wiki for all available caravan routes.

Best regards from Shady Sands.
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