Author Topic: Pre-War Bunker Quest Is Riddled With Dialog Errors {Translation / Script}  (Read 565 times)


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As the title states, the newish Pre-War Bunker quest is riddled with syntax errors in English with a few scripting errors on the side.

A few of the dialog options with the AI loop back to previous conversation threads unrelated to your current line of questioning. I can't currently go back to screenshot them properly (I ran it 5 times now to check all available options) but it is in the second conversation stage before agreeing to fix the water pump. 

As for the grammar mistakes, they are present in just about every line of dialog.

This speaker dialog is suggesting I enter the garden, then stand beside myself or potentially, I must go into the garden alone. This is a severe offender because it is barely understandable what the actual command is. It should be something like "Enter the garden, and see for yourself the beauty of nature".

This one is a garbled mess. It begins in the present tense (is operating) while referring to the past tense (the previous operation of the facility), but then shifts mid sentence to the present tense (but recently) while referring to the past tense (the breakdown of the pump). The option "Why not use the Robobrains for this purpose" is an additional issue, as the qualifier "for this purpose" is completely unnecessary.

This should read "This facility has operated without major problems for centuries, but recently the priority valve of the water pump has broken. I can't replace it on my own." While this shows no character from the AI, it is at least functional language.

These two are relatively minor. "Support the life support system" is just poor word choice. Changing the first instance of "support" to maintain or reinforce would fix this, or some other qualifier that expressed to what degree the trees provided recycling for the system. "They also serve me as guards in case people from the outside try to break in here" is a run-on sentence, with too many qualifiers. "They also serve me as guards" is completely sufficient. Removing "here" from the end at least keeps it from being a run-on sentence.

There are many more minor errors in this dialog. "They killed themself" should be "They killed themselves". That one is just auto corrected by google in this post. "when they decided their lives are more important..." Again an issue with the tense. You are referring to the past so it should be "when they decided their lives were more important..."

Actions, despite what literally everyone in Fonline says, is not grammatically correct in this instance. "It forced me to take action". "In this matter" is an unnecessary qualifier.

In the second response option you have just a straight up error. "You have to obey to what the human..." This should be "You have to obey what the human..." The unnecessary qualifiers abound with "from you" at the end of the same sentence.

And then you begin a sentence with and. Not cool. The whole sentence is formatted poorly. Instead it should read "You're especially not allowed to harm a/any human."


The entire quest, every piece of dialog is riddled with these errors. I have pointed out a mere fraction. I hope this helps in some way.

I feel bad about harping on the English here without providing a screenshot of the actual scripting bug, but I will update this with it as quickly as I can get a new character ready to run the quest again.
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