Author Topic: What is/was your mission in FOnline2 and did you acomplish it?  (Read 654 times)


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Simple or long, what happened?

Personally, I've always started seasons of FOnline with the mindset of giving it my all and understanding the mechanics of it better than anyone else.

I know that being the best "Hexer (lol)" was definitely one of my missions for the first year playing, and the was most likely the most exciting and time consuming part of my FOnline career.

So I dont feel like I've accomplished the goals I've set during that time because of some douchebag (Yama) being better. But time has passed and people and their lives are changing and the new FOnline season starting sometime maybe in months or years, will your missions and goals be the same next season as they were this one? Did it work out in your favor?

Let us know.


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Easy. Collecting every possible item. Making every possible screen of location. Recording every possible drama, bug usage or event. Xsarqopedia was a journey through entire Fonline 2.

Did I complete my goal? Kinda yes. At one point I was satisfied it felt complete enough - one day I might return to improving it, perhaps after final wipe.
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Economically dominate the wasteland, and be the richest person on fo2. Once I realized that you need to constantly faction hop to whoever happens to be the strongest this week to do that, I just said fuck it and sorta stopped caring. These days, it is help newbies become acclimated to the game and how it functions. It is a thankless and never ending job, but if even a few people stick around for the long haul, it'll be worth it.


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My mission is to loot the things... and there is no end to the loot to be looted.
Wasteland is still harsh.
Plasma Rifle is overpowered.
H&K CAWS is overpowered.