Author Topic: Annual Presidential Address to the Nation AD 2270  (Read 440 times)


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Annual Presidential Address to the Nation AD 2270
« on: September 01, 2019, 22:18 »
Dear citizens and wastelanders all around California land, this is your president Knight Shift speaking.
Many people ask who and what is the NCR government actually representing, even though we have governed this land for over 3.5 years. Yes, there are still people around this land who didn't hear about NCR or what the NCR government stands for. News travels slow for some. But, no matter where you are and who you think we are, NCR hears your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, longing for knowledge and a better life. Day by day, you can see NCR improving all areas and aspects of life in the wasteland!
There are people who claim NCR seeks dominion under a tyrannical heavy hand. That we are an autocratic dictatorship, or even a monarchy. No matter if you never heard about hose terms, none of this is true, as we are standing united for the people.
These lies are from the corrupt minds of villains hold no good will toward you peaceful minded travelers. Those that raise a hand on our brothers, our sisters, let me tell unto you, we have a bullet with your name on it!
We wiped out the those irradiated and deviated elements from our borders. We forced Brotherhood of Steel to return to their rat hole in Lost Hills where they belong! We punched back Enclave forces and drove out their invasion from our lands!
But, we are not heartless bastards like our enemies. We secure burial places for every and each criminal, raider and pillager that is interested in fighting against our cause. We burn a flare for every soul we couldn't save.
And yes, it is a flare colored in red! Honor for every drop of blood spilled unwillingly.
Now, who are we and what is our agenda? We are striving to bring a direct people's democracy, where every resident of NCR will have the same rights, in their individuality and freedom, in every part of the NCR border.
Do you like to be fed? Do you like to have access to non-radiated, clean water every day? Do you like having a roof over your head? NCR is offering to fulfill your needs and grant them as human rights, for free!
Taxation? Yes, but in a very limited form. Is that theft? Ask your neighbor from Shady Sands who freely associates under a now higher quality of living and luxury. The republic needs to finance your rights and secure your freedom. Our citizens have right to a tax refund. With this in mind, even our health care is free!
We fight to grant these rights upon all of California land! By knowledge of the history of our ancestors, we see the future! And the future is bright, brothers and sisters! When you see our army do not hesitate to welcome our troops into your town! We are freeing you from oppression and the false promises of your slavers! We *WILL* make you our citizen!
And you will like it as much as you will like to pay your taxes on time!
I promise you, you will feel the difference! Starting today!
For those thinking of joining our army ranks, do not bother! Our services have a wide network of information at disposal. If you are worth something, NCRA recruiting personnel will knock on your door! Be sure to have your boots polished!
We are here, so why not become our citizen?
Fulfill your human rights and be first in line when NCR Army is recruiting!
Democracy is calling, pick up the phone.
The future is now, grab it!
There is no alternative.
Let freedom ring!
Long live the NCR!

[Speech was broadcasted live on radio channel 0]

President of NCR:
               Knight Shift
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