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Re: NCR history patch 1.0 [fo2, season 3]
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NCR history; Chapter V (4/4)

It may sound that NCR society thrived and raised to the top, but there is still lots to be done.
Even that NCR managed to secure a better quality of life in the capital, Shady Sands potential is not fulfilled. Rare army patrols, occasional travelers and curious traders is all that can be seen by the habitants.
While it can't be seen openly, the government is conducting a racist policy, trying to push out irradiated and infected out of the borders.
Though it was denied by the government, there is obvious diversity in authority treatment towards mutants, ghouls comparing to non infected persons. Mutants have a harder time when applying for NCRA, and it is practically impossible for them to advance in ranks.
When it comes to the citizenship status, it is even worse. FEV infected are repeatedly rejected from their citizenship application for various and ridiculous reasons.
The constant struggle between expansion, resource exploiting and protecting the borders against lawless militia forces is taking its cost, both in caps and lives. You can often hear complaints from civilians against NCR brutal laws and enforcing controls over citizen life by citizen vouchers and taxations. As not all can just accept imposed laws they never heard of and governing of persons in fancy suits over night, California wastes is full of resistance movements against NCR. And that is why NCR army is still waging an endless war on several fronts. Because of the army efforts economic situation is better than before and civilian life in Shady Sands greatly improved, and citizens mostly forgot what war against Enclave did to them. For most of them war is non existent. Until war comes back knocking on their doors. History is often repeating itself, and often we are witnessing that magical circle of dystopia.
And war... War never changes... 

Final word:
"History is always written by the winners. When two cultures clash, the loser is obliterated, and the winner writes the history books-books which glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe. As Napoleon once said, 'What is history, but a fable agreed upon?'"

Phrase dictionary:
Hub coup: individuals or groups of known felons, mostly residing in the Hub, not connected to the NCR, trying to overthrow legitimate NCR government
Hub swamp: beggars residing in Hub downtown, yelling anti-NCR phrases, blaming any current NCR government for their misfortune
NCR blacklist: a security system that is implemented as a measure against outlaw elements in Shady Sands. Individuals and groups marked as an enemy of the republic are shot on sight by town guards. The system is controlled by NCR officers and president.
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