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[outdated]Support the Brotherhood!
« on: March 17, 2014, 00:40 »
This is a public announcement directed to any person, members and outsiders alike, who wish to support the Brotherhood's Scribes from EPD and Research and our Quartermasters:

On several occasions we have been approached by well-meaning people about a possibility for donations to the Brotherhood.
We are thankful for any support you can offer and would not want to turn these offers down!

The EPD is in constant need for old arms and armors to salvage usable parts from, as well as crafting materials themselves.

Research gladly accepts any piece of pre-war technology and data you wish to part with.

You can also donate arms, ammunition and armors, which will be distributed to our soldiers by our quartermasters.

General contact:
To make a donation you can contact us on IRC-channel "#bos" or the EPD's radio frequency "2340".
Donations should be handed out to
-Head Scribe Johnson (Feather)
-Paladin GlowTrotter
If none of them are present, try to reach one of the high ranking officers to ensure the goods will reach their intended destination, or if you are not sure reserve them for a time you can reach to the before mentioned members.

Drop-off base (For trusted repeat supporters):
Trusted members and other trusted supporters may apply to gain access to our storage facility located near Lost Hills.
To do so, please contact the Head Scribe.

Sadly we cannot offer much in return, but a few items the supplier currently needs most.

We thank you for your great service! :)

Notable donations from outsiders list:

16/03/2014: recovered Brotherhood Armor by Tracy Baker
16/03/2014: Several heavy arms and small arms by RedEagle
17/03/2014: 40k 5mm AP, 100 rocket AP, 500 SStims by Leibowitz
17/02/2014: 10k .223, 10 -ap needler pistols, recovered sniper rifle from Gaston Glock AI by Leibowitz
25/03/2014: over 11k 5mm ap, 500 MFC, assortment of other ammo types. Several weapons: Avenger Miniguns, Plasma Rifles, Rocket Launchers and others all types 4-6 units. 2x recovered Brotherhood Armor and few pieces of pre war tech, by Lolum.
26/03/2014: 10 HK p90, 100 rocket AP, 5k MFC, 200 flamer fuel mk2, recovered CA from BoSEngineer by Leibowitz
15/04/2014: 3 colored Flares, 4 Empty holodisks (special thanks for that! :) ), many many stealthboys by Kimble
19/04/2014: 28 writable holodisks (wow!) by Lolum
24/04/2014: 6 pink robes, assortment of guns, dynamite by marti
06/06/2014: 3 writable holodisks, 500.000 caps (just, wow!) by Lolum

(will be updated regularly)
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