Author Topic: A story of treason, murder and betrayal  (Read 1723 times)


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A story of treason, murder and betrayal
« on: March 17, 2014, 16:00 »
This is a story about how one manipulative brotherhood member gave an order to the entire NCR army, without NCR knowing it.

It all started in the wake of the BoS Election security incident (detailed here). The BoS Head Scribe, unaware that what had happened was actually a security test, decided to take matters into her own hands and, with skilled manipulation, tricked the entire NCR army into taking an order which originated from her.

How did this happen? Let me explain.

My brother, abel, was in NCR celebrating a successful security test at Lost Hills and compiling a security report to send to BoS. Feather, understandably angry since she didn't know what happened, wantend revenge on abel. Around this time, the half-witted NCR member 'Jack' entered the scene. Feather said to Jack, "You know abel is Kill on Sight, right?", and then Jack, being the hate-filled mongrel that he is, promptly pk'ed abel. Importantly, abel was not and has not been since, on any KOS list.

Then, as abel returned to his hometown various times after, Jack and all other NCR members began pking abel again. Jack told the other members abel was on the list, and they took it as an order from Jack. But it was actually an assassination order from the head scribe of the brotherhood, being carried out by the NCR army. This continued for several hours, and Feather no doubt gleefully watched as her murderous, duplicitous plot was carried out by the ignorant grunts.

So, NCR, tell me, do you really want to take orders from the BoS? Are you so blind, that you can't see they are already manoevering to take Shady Sands from your control?

And are you so blind, that you follow orders from your corrupt, emotionally unstable "leader", who spends more time in Hub playing poker than in our fair town?

Be careful, or soon you will lose NCR.

barabbas, abel's brother.


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Re: A story of treason, murder and betrayal
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2014, 17:10 »
To Barabbas.

You and your "brother" have no reason to complain at all.

First of all: NCR has no legislative or leadership whatsoever, right now the soldiers decide on their own how to deal with criminals, you could say it is under martial law. So did one of them, which I just came to overhear when I visited Shady Sands. He declared you kill on sight. Based on what I heard, I felt it was my duty as an ally of the NCR to report this decision to that soldier's fellow colleagues, since it seemed they had not been notified yet. I gave no direct orders whatsoever, but even if I had, I am certain that NCR would gladly take on an order to execute any member of the Thieve's Guild, that has caused nothing but trouble in Shady Sands.

The Thieve's guild claims to be a helpful organisation, but quite the opposite is the matter.
You claim to have had no thieves in your midst for over 400 years, but yet you ARE thieves.
You create an unsettling paranoia with what you call "security tests" first, then you make up some bogus reports with numbers pulled from your rectum, to make us believe we are in need of your "councelling".
But the thing is you are more or less the only ones performing the activities of which you claim to make us secure from.

That makes you no better than any of the Reno Mobsters that go from business to business, to collect money for not beating them up and destroying their inventories.

If anyone is really that stupid to fall for your predictable scheme, the wasteland's future is truly a dark one.

Nobody from the Brotherhood gave any orders to the Thieve's Guild for what you call a "security test".
So you have clearly stepped over the line with your criminal act of stealing from a Brotherhood member and furthermore procrastinated, even after several prompts to return the stolen goods and therefore distracted the election process.
We don't need your "services", the "Free report" you gave is nothing but blabber, based on no actual facts.
You claim to have facts in your extended edition of the report, but guess what that report is only available for a "nominal fee".
Do you really think the Brotherhood will let itself get intimidated and scammed by an organisation that has no members, no armed forces and no credibility or positive reputation whatsoever?

The Brotherhood Main Base has some security flaws we are already well aware of and they will be dealt with very soon, we don't need a bunch of lowlifes to tell us how to do our jobs.

Your accusations that the Brotherhood wants to annex NCR lands is preposterous, we are sworn and loyal allies to them. We don't have any interests in expanding our territory at all, for we have way different goals and purpose than trivial things like "owning a place" or "having power over a people"!

This is our final reply to anything you have to say:
We don't associate with criminal organisations such as your one man faction and we won't pay any more attention to your wrongdoings than reply to them with immediate execution.
For theft, disturbing our election event and trying to disrupt our diplomatic bonds with the NCR, from now on your organisation is marked as a permanent KOS.

[OOC: We will not let you speak your atrocities and insulting claims in our message boards. We will no further reply to anything you post. Any post you and your alter egos from the Thieves "Guild" make will be removed immediately – and I urge the moderators of the NCR or any other RP boards to do the same.]

That is all.

Head Scribe Johnson, Brotherhood of Steel


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Re: A story of treason, murder and betrayal
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2014, 17:19 »
wow! Such an emotional reply all but confirms all I said.

Since you have declared you choose to bury your head in the sand ("not reply to any posts and delete them") I won't bother responding to your factually-challenged allegations.

I'll just say how disappointing it is that the "Head Scribe" of BoS is the type to spread murderous plots, deny it, and then immaturely state they will not respond to any further communication or discussion on the matter (a clear indicator that someone knows they are in the wrong).

Good Day.

Zechs Merquise

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Re: A story of treason, murder and betrayal
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2014, 18:39 »
You were always kos for me


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Re: A story of treason, murder and betrayal
« Reply #4 on: March 18, 2014, 03:25 »
Why does anyone still reply to Barabbas posts? Haven't we collectively decided he is mentally handicapped and should be put out of his misery at every opportunity?
We'll take the wastes by force!

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Re: A story of treason, murder and betrayal
« Reply #5 on: March 18, 2014, 17:48 »
Heyyyyy, There's no reason to be hating on barabbas ^_^  out of all of the people who troll NCR he is like the least of our worries.