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[Notice: For Season 3 this will be reworked and everyone will have to sign it anew when it's done.]

Welcome initiates, the following thread will provide you with our basic rules and some additional basic information you should find useful. Please make yourself especially acquainted with our current relations to other factions in the game.

Brotherhood of Steel Codex

"Shield yourself from those not bound to you by steel, for they are the blind. Aid them when you can, but lose not sight of yourself."

1. You shall not attack neutral wastelanders or groups.

2. Be aware of who your friends are.

3. You are allowed to shoot:
a) in self defense
b) if the attack is ordered by a captain
c) if the target is an enemy of our faction

4. Stay away from criminal activities such as stealing, base raping, TB traps, caravan raids.

"Through discourse, we gain the strength of our Brothers' minds."

5. Be respectful and friendly towards your brothers and sisters, as well as to other wastelanders.
6. Be honest to your superiors and follow their orders.

Current means of communication:

[currently none.]

channel: #bos

Know your officers:

Foum name:
Character nick, rank

[New leadership/officers for Season 3 have yet to be chosen.]

Suggested NameColorizing according to our current diplomatic relationships:

The chosen RGB values derive from a personal namecolorizing file. This does not exclude the possibility you choose your own colors that suit you best, as well as that you add any further factions or indiviuals you need.

For allies and friends:

[New colorizing will be published after Season 3 start!]

For enemies, hostile or other notable factions:

[New colorizing will be published after Season 3 start!]

By signing you declare you have understood above rules and accept them.

Any other unrelated post will be deleted. If the need arises to report a BoS member violating these rules a separate thread for that has been set up.
Be sure to stop by from time to time to check on the current diplomacy statuses.
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