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(ARCHIVE) NCR Militia Roster
« on: March 21, 2014, 03:46 »
New California Republic Militia Roster

The New California Republic Militia
We, the people of the NCR, believe in law in order. Without any law or order, then the NCR is just destine to be destroyed and removed from the Wasteland to let the chaotic order to roam freely around the Wasteland. That will not be tolerated.
We are the Militia and we are proud to be the men and women who will be enforcing the law to keep peace inside the NCR. We will ensure that every citizen and every civilian will receive the necessary safety and protection from those who are wishing to inflict harm into them by either stealing, assault, or even murder; We shall be there to help any and all.
(OOC: If you are in the Militia, please PM your ingame name.)

Colonel (Col.)
Iziar Schlesser

Major (Maj.)

Captain (Cpt.)

Lieutenant (Lt.)

Master Sergeant (MSgt.)

Staff Sergeant (SSgt.)

Sergeant (Sgt.)
Ward Mayson

Corporal (Cpl.)

Private First Class (PFC.)

Private (Pvt.)
Vensilia "Sorrow" Mai

( More to be added... )
Medal of Honor

Soldier's Medal

Commendation Medal

Honorable Discharges

Dishonorable Discharges
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