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blood stained note
« on: March 21, 2014, 21:45 »
(what you see infront of you is a red paper - or more like a bloodstained paper, at the first glance, it doesn't look appealing, but as you focus on its content...)

this Hill

i waas not heer    ther harr bad men
Hill --- travel

but kid nap ped
bad men beat

Hill weak
they run
Hill run

not kno

Hill not do bad
not see who did Hill this

Hill hear
woman say

not kno what ment

Hill need

in base

Hill back

(the rest of the text is illegible, because blood have made it blurry)

<<I am back, now, have been working too hard for the past few weeks but as I have some free time, I'll be able to roleplay>>
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