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The following chart shows this faction's ranking system and divisions:
It is loosely based on Western Brotherhood canon, but modified to our organisational needs.

The Divisions, OOC-wise:

Knights are the military division. PvP-able alts are preferred here, as knights will be fighting in lots of open locations, like Glow and Sierra.

Paladins are responsible for either diplomacy or recon. The diplomatic part for now is reserved for our leaders, so your an alt in this division should be a scout character. Scout characters are mainly sneakers who provide info on enemy activities in battle. As a scout you should have a microphone for our mumble, because that way information gets the fastest to an operation's leader.

Scribes take care of 2 things: Organising and setting up story based RP/partially RP missions and crafting.
A scribe alt should have the crafting professions and as a scribe you should be comfortable with a gathering and moving materials and distributing needed equipment to our war camps. High carry weight recommended ;)

The ranks, OOC and IC:

Initiates are new members that joined either via the NPC Quest or directly applied. They will have to prove trustworthy first to advance in rank and pick a specialisation.

OOC a member will have one rank from apprentice to Senior, regardless of how many alts he/she has in the faction.
For RP purposes single alts can of course have a lower rank naming, but never a higher one.

IC every alt will have the extension according to the alt's specialisation or simply be called "Initiate" when on lowest level.
Example: member "PersonX" has 3 alts, "crafter", "sniper" and "BGer".
PersonX is on Journeyman level, so his alts are called "Journeyman Scribe Crafter","Journeyman Knight Sniper" and "Journeyman Knight BGer", except PersonX wishes an alt to be on a lower rank for RP.

-There will be some additional rank titles IC as well for special positions during missions.
-It is also possible to shorten the title to the alt's specialization. Example: "Sr. Knight PersonY" can also be "Knight PersonY".

The leaders' main alts are either to be called "Elder" in general or with their specific ranks, other alts of the leaders are to be called Elder Knight/Paladin/Scribe (not in the chart) or a lower rank for RP:

Our leaders are (Forum name: Names of characters, rank):

[Season 2 is over and the new leadership for season 3 has yet to be determined.]


Promotions are announced by the leaders only.
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