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Letter adressed to NCR leadership.
« on: June 19, 2014, 17:03 »
Greetings NCR citizens,

I have to inform you about your recent hostile activities against Enclave operation in Glow.

As we havn't set any relationship with Army of the North yet, we have to count them as our enemies for now. Diplomats will be sent soon, but that is not main point of this letter.
I was informed that one of your soldiers (his dog tags shows name GreenTrees) was with them, also protecting them. When situation was in middle of discuss, your soldier has killed without any reason few of ours.


After that incident we have later sent to the Glow our vertibird "Wreckig squad" to eliminate every life signs to prevent any further confrontations. Therefore I urge you after that incident to speak with your soldiers, inform them about our new neutral relation and keep it. Please, avoid of interfiering in our actions at all cost, we will follow the same rules.

We respect NCR citizens and appreciate our flourishing relationship, therefore we hope no further conflicts will appear between us again.

Your sincerely Enclave Captain Sony.