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Freaky Friday
« on: September 12, 2014, 11:18 »
I bump in damn hanger and tore up my brand new jacket.A fucking ciggaret fall of in that moment and i accidently step on her and crush.Curse aloud cuz that was my last one and open door headed out.My car was filty as hell outside, drunks was probably replace my car for toilet.Well, fuck it, what can i do now.I open car door and smell of hundreds death rats overcome me so hard that my nose hurt.Oo sweet jesus come down and see this-i think to my self and open all doors so draft little easy that horror smell.I was battered past days whit crew and i remember in hase that we drive all araund with some chics also, stoned.One flash come to me how Pocoyo was on car roof, naked and shooting from M60.Damn.I need cigs badly but if i leave car doors open those drunks and bums probably stole him.I can feel their eyes on me.Then i see Crazy Mick.He was digging on trash can and mumble something.
- Mick!Hey, Mick!.
Nothing.His pants was semi green brown from shit, piss and God know what else and his shirt was same.Hair was long like bierd and he look like Jesus who save world 10 time in a row.
- Mick u fuck! Miiick!
Nothing again.Probably he saw something interesting in trash or voices in head was to laud.
I pull lighter and smack him directly in head.Lighter stuck in those filty hair and lost forever.Mick turn head slowly and look me with eyes of madman.I knew he can attack if snap but if u give him some booze he do anything.
- h-hello Jim.
- hi Mick.How things?
-never better.I found job yesterday.
- yea? What kind of job?
- i deliver packages for Mr.Hatchet
In other word that was drugs.I give him month or two llife but who knows, those kinda ppl sometime suprises u how they manage to escape death.
- good for u.Listen, can u do something for me? I pay u in some booze.Two bottles of finest Scotch.
He smile with laugh u never forget reveal three tooth in shape of 15 years dog.
- who i have to kill, hihihi.
- just be here and watch my car for 20 minuts.Can u do that?
- can fish swim?Can bird fly, hihihi.Can hooker...
- ok, ok, spare me yours twisted jokes.Here is one bottle and second u get when i come back.Dont fuck this up, u hear me?This is no ordinary car, Mick, this is Rocco Sifredi amongs cars.If u need sit somwhere then sit better in trash can than in this baby, u hear me?Now is little filty but when is clean, pussy's w8 in lines to drive in this baby.
- i can imagine hihihi.
I start walking to a store and step precisely in shit on street.Fucking day!Can day start worse then already.So i buy ciggs and pull one out to smoke.Ahhh, fuck all what happen before, from this moment i start enjoy in this friday.Pussy's, here i come!Da faq!I throw lighter on that wreck Mick!Sweet jesus!I walk to my car cursing all the way.Scene i look was bad.Car was riddled with bullets.I pull out gun but noone was there.Even Mick.I enter car and notice some paper.On paper was written: go screw y car now, punk and if i ever catch u near my house, i cut u with rusty spoon and l let u die! Betty husband.
Flashes of that blond and sexi Betty flow in my head.Ohhh how she likes to ride my bike.I crushed paper and throw tru window, light cigg and start car.
Freaky friday started, young and in full shine.I laugh atloud and fart.In radio was playin Rolling Stones:paint in black.
Feel so stronk, motherfuckers out there!


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Re: Freaky Friday
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10/10 :)


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Re: Freaky Friday
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Pretty enjoyable read. Nice one now gimme part2 of this story please!
Rush first ..kill first

for fuck sake

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Re: Freaky Friday
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nice you are my guest for one drink :D!!


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Re: Freaky Friday
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 :) Tnx guys u like it.When i am in good mood, inspiration come to me then i can write.To bad i type over cell phone cuz at work i dont have net.

for fuck sake

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Re: Freaky Friday
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:) Tnx guys u like it.When i am in good mood, inspiration come to me then i can write. cell phone cuz at

type mre for us!!  : :) :)