Author Topic: NPC/PC Encounter - AI interaction/Abuse/Bug?  (Read 944 times)


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NPC/PC Encounter - AI interaction/Abuse/Bug?
« on: July 27, 2013, 10:30 »
Here is the run down.

I get into encounter. A gang of NPC's attack me from my 12 o'clock, a PK attacks me from my 9 o'clock. I die, no big deal. I re-spawned, travel over same hex and end up in the same encounter. Same scenario, since I can see my previous items. Again, I'm killed from my 12 and killed from my 9.

How is it, that the PK was not chased after by the NPC's after the first encounter? I thought the NPC's attack the stronger character? Even then, if he fired at me the NPC's should acknowledge his presence and attack him. After all the PK is firing a weapon.

Correct me if I'm wrong but this seems like an exploit, a PK trap that should not be allowed. It's one thing to quickly run from the NPC's and have them not chase you. It's another when you are firing a weapon and they completely ignore you. Once you fire a weapon, your element of surprise should be compromised.


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Re: NPC/PC Encounter - AI interaction/Abuse/Bug?
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2013, 11:04 »
I've been in this situation for a dozen of times now, so I can give you some feedback on what happened, and how I figure stuff works. As you already said, I also heard that NPC mob will attack a stronger player, but in practice, I do not believe this is true. Not after what I've seen:

1) When you spawn in a NPC encounter, while the timeout is still ticking, and another PC spawns during that timeout, then the proximity plays the greatest role.

Example: (RT) I spawned with my 232hp (49lvl) char and 2 seconds after me 3 guys with ~150-180hp spawned close to me. The NPCs mowed them down immediately, giving me the time to move away.

2) When the NPCs chase you and another, stronger PC spawns in (but out of NPCs' fov), they will continue chasing you. If that PC fires upon you, they will still continue chasing you (tested it). The part I don't know is what happens if the other player fires on the NPCs while they are still chasing you (but somehow I think they will ignore him, unless he is closer to them then you are; also not sure how melee/ranged NPCs react - I don't think it's the same).

3) in case you are hunting with someone, the NPC mob will change their direction to the closest target (even if the far stronger PC is standing only 2 hexes further away) - tested this many times.
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